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Bandana Hairstyle - Hairstyles with scarf

Guide for three simple summer hairstyles with a scarf

Keeping your hair out of your neck and styling it in an airy way - for us, these are the most important requirements for summer hairstyles during hot temperatures. In this article, we'll show you how to achieve this easily with a headscarf. In line with the bandana hairstyle trend, we provide you with 3 easy styling tutorials for hairstyles with light scarves.

What is actually a bandana?

The word bandana comes from Hindi and means "to tie". By definition, a bandana is a square cloth that is classically 55 by 55 centimetres.

Hairstyles with bandanas or hair scarves in general are familiar to us from the rockabilly hairstyles of the 1950s, but we also remember the scarves from completely different contexts, such as fan outfits at football matches or concerts with long-haired men's hairstyles of the 80s.

Where does the trend for scarf hairstyles come from?

In fashion, the bandana celebrated its big comeback during the summer of 2022, when designers like Versace and Salvatore Ferragamo revisited the bandana trend. Since then, bandanas have once again been seen tied as scarves or summer tops, knotted to bags or shoes as colourful highlights or styled as hair scarves to create fancy hairstyles.

With their comeback, scarves have not only become much more colourful, there are also endless variations in size and material. Whether you need a larger scarf for an extravagant hairstyle or hair length, prefer to use a silk scarf for a classic look or decide for a thin scarf made of cotton on hot summer days - there are no limits to creativity when it comes to hairstyles with scarves. So grab your favourite scarf and dive into the world of summer styling. Let yourself be carried away by our inspirations and see for yourself how versatile the hair scarf accessory can be.

Inspiration No. 1: Styling headscarves the right way

This variation is currently everywhere, because it magically transforms a bad hair day into a good hair day. The headscarf style is ideal as sun protection for the head, and even spontaneously on the go. Because you don't even need a mirror for this headscarf style - you can carry it in your bag and style it on the go in no time.

And it works like this: Take a scarf or bandana, fold it into a triangle and place the long side along your forehead. Then bring the ends of the triangle past your head and tie them together at the bottom back of your head. Whether you let the ends fall casually over the back of your neck or drape them over your shoulder is up to you.

Inspiration No. 2: Headband made from a bandana

A chic accessory and a touch of hippie style: this styling keeps your open hair in shape in strong winds. Depending on the scarf you choose, you can style a casual outdoor look, spice up your festival style or even add a colourful highlight to your evening wardrobe.

To make a headband from a hair scarf, fold a bandana (or use a long scarf), hold it at the ends and twist it completely in on itself. Place it in the middle of the back of your head, wrap it around your head and tie it at the back.
By the way: This hair scarf hairstyle also works great with short hair!

Inspiration No. 3: Bun tie - Style a messy bun with a hair scarf

The warming hair from the neck and the warm summer weather can be enjoyed much better. That's why the chignon has been one of the most popular summer hairstyles for many years.

We're giving this summer favourite a colourful scarf upgrade: start by gathering your hair at the top of your head and tying it into a ponytail with a scrunchie. Then twist your hair around the elastic and secure it again with a hair tie or clip. Last step: Take a scarf or bandana of your choice and wrap it around the high chignon once or twice, depending on the length. Knot tightly and voila - your look is ready for adventure! If the ends at the nape of your neck bother you, you can twirl them, wrap them around the chignon and thread them anywhere you like.

Hair scarf styles for men

Hairstyles with a scarf also appear repeatedly in the men's fashion world. Unlike the hippie hairstyles of the 60s, you don't necessarily need a long haircut. Folded into a long strip as a headband, a cotton scarf becomes the perfect summer accessory. You can decide individually how wide or narrow you want the strip to be and how much of your head you want the scarf to cover.

As a complete head covering to protect against the sun's rays, our first inspiration "Tying Headscarf Right" also looks great as a men's hairstyle. The lightweight cotton scarves are much more air-permeable and absorbent than most caps or hats.

Important note on sun protection: To ensure that a cotton scarf can offer sufficient protection from the sun, one layer of the fabric will usually not be enough. Therefore, always fold your hair towel so that at least 2-4 layers are on top of each other and, if in doubt, choose a larger towel or one with thicker fabric for your summer hairstyle.

Benefit: Cotton hair scarf in summer

The cotton scarves can be washed as often as you like, making bandana hairstyles a particularly pleasant alternative for challenging hiking tours or several hours of gardening in the summer. If you come across a stream or lake, pull your bandana through the cool water, wring it out generously and wrap it around your head again.

Your camel active team wishes you a lot of fun with your style.


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