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Trekking sandals with velcro closure and leather slip-ons by camel active

Camel active sandals are effortlessly versatile and perfect for active women who value the durability and quality of their products. The materials used are carefully selected to ensure that the sandals provide maximum comfort, support, traction, and robustness even under heavy use. Whether for the beach, office, city, or a short hike in nature, our sandal soles are grippy, providing you with support throughout the day.

camel active – Responsibility with the Leather Working Group

Responsible actions are a core aspect of camel active. We prioritize the quality and longevity of our items and pay special attention to using responsibly sourced materials. An example of this is the leather certified by the Leather Working Group. On our camel active website, you will also find helpful care tips to ensure your sandals last a long time and become a loyal companion. Furthermore, we are committed to more sustainable production methods and fair working conditions with our suppliers. For more information on our sustainability initiatives, visit our sustainability page.

Key information about our women's sandals

Looking for the perfect sandals? Here, you'll find all the essential information about the materials, fit, and sizes of our models, complemented by a wide selection of different designs. This allows you to make an informed decision when shopping online.

Materials used in camel active sandals

Materials used in camel active sandals

  • Trekking sandals
    • Flexible, profiled synthetic outsole: Guarantees high comfort and traction all day long with every step.
    • Velcro closures on the instep and heel made of synthetic material: Allows you to adjust the shoe perfectly to your foot for optimal traction while ensuring maximum ventilation.
  • Slip-Ons
    • Soles made of woven straw with a rubberized surface: This sole combination offers stability while walking and adds a stylish, summery accent.
    • Upper material made of soft suede leather: Provides an elegant appearance and a comfortable feel.
    • Leather insoles: Leather insoles ensure a natural and comfortable foot climate, even on hot days.
  • Fashionable Sandals:
    • Upper material made of Nubuck leather: Known for its softness and texture, Nubuck leather offers a high-quality surface.
    • Leather footbeds: These provide a pleasant feel when worn barefoot as they support the natural shape of the foot.
  • All sandals made from responsibly sourced leather: Leather certified by the Leather Working Group ensures environmentally conscious and ethically correct production.

Fit and size of women's sandals

The camel active women's sandal collection offers a perfect fit for every foot type. Our trekking sandals, in particular, aim to provide an optimal fit for every wearer. You can easily adjust the straps to your foot, ensuring that the shoes fit perfectly day after day and year after year. The sandals are equipped with features such as ergonomically shaped and padded insoles that provide support all day long. For those who need assistance in finding the right size, a Fit Finder is available on the website to help you choose the perfect size

Explore more - the selection at camel active

From rugged trekking sandals designed for outdoor activities and challenging terrain to slip-ons ideal for everyday wear and leisurely walks – at camel active, you'll find a wide variety of sandals for your daily adventures. The color selection ranges from classic earth tones like brown and beige, which are easy to mix and match, to vibrant colors like orange, making a bold statement. This diversity ensures that there's a suitable sandal for every occasion and taste. Of course, we also offer classic colors like black and khaki that match any outfit.

How to style your trekking sandals with velcro closure

Your camel active trekking sandals promise comfort for your feet, even in rough surroundings. Additionally, they effortlessly complement various outfits, turning any look into something special. Browse through our three outfit suggestions and get inspired.

1. Time in nature: Wanderlust outfit

Trekking sandals are ideal for long walks or hikes. Pair them with stretchy pants and a cotton T-shirt. Complete the outfit with useful accessories like a lightweight nylon backpack for your essentials and a soft modal scarf around your neck. All these materials are perfect for an active day in nature.

2. Casual day in the city: Urban look

Trekking sandals are also suitable for a relaxed day in the city. Wear them with comfortable shorts and a loose-fitting top for a casual look. A bucket hat and a lightweight jacket make the outfit city-appropriate and provide protection in changing weather.

3. Staying stylish all day with trekking sandals

You heard it right: Trekking sandals are trendy, and you can style them fashionably. Choose, for example, a flowing linen pants and a loose-fitting top. Enhance the outfit with trendy accessories like a wide-brimmed hat and a women's shoulder bag. This look combines the functionality of trekking sandals with a trendy approach, perfect for urban adventures.

Women's Sandals - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean sandals properly?

When cleaning your camel active sandals, it's important to treat the different materials appropriately. For synthetic trekking sandals, mild cleaning agents and water are recommended, and a soft brush can help gently remove dirt. For leather areas, including suede and Nubuck leather, a damp cloth is best for light stains, and avoid submerging them in water. Special leather care products help keep the upper material supple. For suede and Nubuck, a special brush for gentle cleaning is advisable. The straw soles should be cleaned gently with a damp cloth, avoiding excessive moisture. Leather insoles can be treated with a special leather cleaner. Be sure to dry the sandals away from direct heat or sunlight to prevent material damage. Always follow the specific care instructions of the product.

What are the trends for sandals in Spring 2024?

For Spring 2024, naturalness in women's shoes is the central theme. And it doesn't matter whether you are meeting for Easter brunch or taking a walk through nature. Comfort and sustainability are important and are essential features of the new sandals for Spring. From leather sandals in vibrant colors, natural leather, and black with a wide strap and a large golden buckle to sandals with a health-preserving footbed, everything is included. Trekking-style sandals with an ergonomic footbed and adjustable Velcro fastenings that allow for a custom fit remain trendy. Additionally, eco-friendly materials play a big role, as more and more customers opt for recycled fabrics and sustainably sourced leather. Simple slip-ons and breezy women's sandals with Velcro closure, suitable for both urban and outdoor use, are presented in natural tones and soft colors. Ready for a modern Spring 2024 look?

Is it bad luck to gift shoes to your girlfriend for Easter?

In some cultures, there is a superstition that gifting shoes can bring bad luck, especially because it could symbolically mean running away or someone leaving. But don't let that deter you! If you want to gift shoes, such as a beautiful pair of sandals for spring, with positive intentions and as an expression of your affection, it can be a very loving gesture. However, if it still gives you an uneasy feeling, why not treat yourself! A pair of beautiful sandals for Easter, as it starts to warm up outside? Combined with a spring-like dress or our mom-fit denim, you'll have a cute look for Easter breakfast right away. Easter gifts for yourself – guaranteed serotonin.