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camel active Boots – Outdoor Shoes for every Adventure

Rugged rocks, rough asphalt, wild forests: No matter what adventure you embark on, camel active boots are your faithful companions. The sturdy boots with a rugged character have been leading the field of adventure-tested outdoor shoes for many years.

But what types of camel active boots are there, exactly? How are these durable boots made? And why are these boots a must-have on any tour? We'll tell you!

1. camel active Boots are Incredibly Durable

Robust, weather-resistant material is a key factor for the performance-strong and extremely durable boots from camel active. Many of the boots are made from the number one natural material: leather. It easily repels challenging wind and weather conditions and also impresses with its enormous durability. However, the careful and high-quality processing also gives camel active boots an extra-long life.

2. camel active Boots are robust

Whether it's rocks, mud, or asphalt – on demanding terrains, camel active boots prove their strength. Thanks to their sturdy construction, they master even difficult terrains. The sole reliably cushions shocks and unevenness, and the pronounced profile ensures maximum traction. With them, you can easily conquer any challenge.

3. camel active Boots are unbelievably comfortable

Slip in and feel good. Anyone who has ever worn camel active boots knows: They are damn comfortable! This is ensured by the good fit, as well as the cushioning and the lightweight of the boots. These make extended hikes a comfortable walk.

4. camel active Boots are wind- and weather-resistant

camel active boots combine iconic design with innovative functionality like no other brand. Whether it's a shock-absorbing sole or a Sympatex membrane that coldly repels both water and wind: With the weather-resistant boots, your feet stay dry and warm all day long. This prepares you for any adventure.

5. camel active Boots are surprisingly diverse

It's impressive how many different types of boots there are! To keep you from losing track, we'll guide you through the outdoor shoe jungle and introduce you to some of our favorite camel active boots. Ready? Then let's get booting!

The Desert Boot

Its simple charm and sturdy nature distinguish this boot from camel active. The traditional Desert Boot is a half-boot made of suede with an ankle-high shaft, low heel, and – depending on the model – decorative stitching. Originally designed for use in desert areas, it is pleasantly light and provides effective temperature regulation even in hot weather. Traditionally, this more than 60-year-old cult shoe is worn in beige and sand colors. But the Desert Boot also convinces in other colors.

The Chelsea Boot

With the camel active Chelsea Boot, casual style meets outdoor suitability. The distinctive feature of the Chelsea Boot is the elastic inserts on the sides of the shaft, which make it easier to put on and take off. With its sturdy sole and elastic rubber inserts, the Chelsea Boot offers comfortable comfort – whether on urban pavement or uneven forest paths. Plus, its timeless appearance allows it to be effortlessly combined with a variety of outfits.

The Chunky Boot

Chunky, striking, and ready for any terrain: That is the Chunky Boot from camel active. Its characteristically thick tread sole guarantees firm grip, while the classic black allows for versatile combination options. Add to that striking details like buckles, stitching, zippers, or laces.

The Hiking Boot

Rugged rocks, slippery surfaces, rough terrain – with hiking boots from camel active, you're well-prepared. The hiking boots offer you extremely solid grip, stability, and traction. In addition, a shock-absorbing padding is included. If rain showers arise and temperatures drop during your outdoor adventure, the smart Tex membrane of your hiking boots protects you from cold and moisture. Ready to hike? Then pack your backpack – and go! Tips can be found in our camel active blog article "Packing a hiking backpack in 10 simple steps".

The Biker Boot aka Biker Boot

Massive, rebellious, and strong in character, the Biker Boot brings the rough spirit of the street with it. The sturdy sole and robust leather of the boot provide support and protection even in turbulent weather conditions. In winter, an inner lining provides warmth. camel active Biker Boots are not only weather-resistant, comfortable, and practical but also extremely versatile. In addition to various colors, you can choose between different widths and heights.

The Lace-Up Boot aka Lace Boot

The camel active lace-up boot is a real classic in the shoe closet. Its hallmark: Thanks to the lacing, the boot can be individually adjusted to the foot. Its solid sole guarantees safe hold. Most lace-up boot specimens come in earthy tones like brown, beige, and olive. Thanks to their timeless style, they can be easily combined and are a popular choice for outdoor activities, city walks, and other leisure activities.

Standing to stay: Innovative shoe manufacturing for over 40 Years

For decades, camel active has stood for high-quality produced outdoor shoes. Like few others, the brand is known for its sturdy and extremely durable boots. With more than 40 years of experience in the field of shoe manufacturing, camel active has step by step improved its production process and further developed the design in line with the times. However, the brand has always remained true to its original character. And so, camel active boots are still popular companions for any adventure today.

How a long shoe life promotes sustainability

High-quality materials, careful processing, and innovative functionality: camel active boots are made for a long life. With their robust manner, they decisively counter the Fast Fashion trend and accompany you for many years. Due to their durability, camel active boots contribute to more sustainability, as you save yourself constant new shoe purchases and conserve resources. All it takes is a little shoe care. With that, your camel active boots will shine today as they will tomorrow.

camel active Winter Boots: We answer your questions.

On quiet soles, it creeps up: winter. You want to know which boots really keep you warm? What should you look for when buying winter boots? How do you properly care for your winter boots? And with which camel active boots do you stylishly make a statement in autumn and winter? We answer your most important questions!

Which Winter Boots keep warm?

When it freezes outside, we especially wish for one thing: warm feet. Good winter boots are needed! But what should you look for when buying winter boots? We'll tell you:

1. Warm Lining: Winter boots with wool or textile lining offer reliable insulation against bitterly cold winter temperatures. Wrapped in the pleasantly light material, your feet stay comfortably warm.

2. Waterproof Material: Winter boots with a Tex membrane defy sleet, slush, and Co. No matter what awaits you outside, weather-resistant boots ensure that you reach your destination with dry feet.

3. Breathable Function: If moisture accumulates in the shoe, it quickly becomes cold and uncomfortable. Therefore, breathable materials like leather or a Tex membrane are recommended.

4. Thick Rubber Soles: Whether on ice, snow, or frozen ground – winter boots with high, pronounced soles (also called Chunky soles) coldly repel cold and moisture.

5. Non-slip Profile: Slip party, no thanks! Winter boots with a coarse profile ensure that you move safely through the winter months.

How should camel active Winter Boots fit? How much bigger should they be?

Make sure not to buy your camel active winter boots too tight. Instead, order winter boots one size larger. This way, not only do warm socks find enough space in your boots, but there's also still some air. This is extremely important because it forms a warming air cushion.

How do you properly care for camel active Winter Boots?

With sturdy winter boots and the right shoe care tips, you can face slush and ice rain with ease. In our shoe care blog article, you'll learn how to properly care for, clean, and impregnate your camel active boots. This way, the durable boots stay in shape and retain their functionality.

Which Winter Boots do you wear in autumn and winter?

There's no way around robust boots with thick soles. Whether Biker Boots, Hiking Boots, Lace-up Boots, or Zipper Boots: the wind- and weather-resistant boots with sturdy, character-strong tread soles accompany you through every cold adventure. Both on a walk in nature and in the icy urban jungle, they reliably protect against cold, wetness, and unwanted slipping.

For a casual look, combine the robust winter boots from camel active with jeans or cargo pants – optionally in a 7/8 length or rolled up. This turns your boots into a special eye-catcher. Alternatively, you can also combine the robust boots with skirts and dresses. With their rugged character, they give the look a particularly expressive note.

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