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Functional outdoor wear for any adventure.


water column of up to 10K

You love spending time outdoors? With our new teXXXactive® collection, your next outdoor adventure will be even more enjoyable. Thanks to the specially taped seams, a water column of up to 10K and the breathable membrane you are always perfectly equipped, no matter the weather. The entire collection is waterproof, windproof, breathable and of course PFC & PTFE free, because we all want to protect what we love the most: Nature. For even more unforgettable outdoor moments, our teXXXactive® jackets are available in many styles and colors - which one is your favorite?


teXXXactive® jackets withstand a water column of up to 10K. The combination of waterproof membrane and impregnated outer fabric ensures that our functional jackets are completely waterproof and you stay dry even in prolonged rain.


All teXXXactive® functional jackets are not only waterproof but also completely windproof. Air currents from the outside are prevented by the use of a membrane that ensures no wind penetrates through the jacket.


We achieve the breathability of our teXXXactive® jackets by using a microporous membrane that keeps out wind and rain, but is permeable to water vapor and thus transports moisture away from the body to the outside.


All teXXXactive® functional jackets have welded seams to ensure that the jackets remain waterproof even at these points. This also applies to the zippers, which are sealed by a waterproof rubber coating.



It is particularly important for our nature to avoid PFC and PTFE in the production of outdoor clothing, because the chemicals cannot be biodegraded and can now be detected almost everywhere in the world. The teXXXactive® functional jackets from camel active are 100% free of PFC & PTFE.



Our teXXXactive membrane is basically made from recycled material. Synthetic fibers give our products functionality. Increasingly, we already use recycled polyester and polyamide alternatives to protect our environment. We only use the Recycled label when products are made from at least 50% certified recycled fibers.

Functional styles for any weather

What is teXXXactive®?

teXXXactive® is a unique camel active functional technology that is made for your daily adventures. These are products that meet special requirements and for which a special, waterproof membrane has been used. Together with the impregnated, PFC-free outer fabric and the right processing, the articles are completely windproof and waterproof, while also being breathable.

When is a product a teXXXactive® product?

A product may only be labelled as a teXXXactive® product when the outer fabric is PFC-free and the membrane is PTFE-free. All seams are taped and the products must withstand a water column of 3K, 5K or up to 10K.

How can you identify a teXXXactive® article?

You can recognise our teXXXactive® items by the yellow Function Highlight Tag, a special label attached to the sleeve of the jackets. In addition, we use a reflective outer print to identify our teXXXactive® products.

How do I care for teXXXactive® items properly?

Of course, we want you to enjoy your teXXXactive® items for a long time and this also includes the right care. Since our jackets are particularly robust and breathable, frequent washing is not necessary. A basic cleaning should be done by the special membrane in the best case by a dry cleaner. More information about care you can find in our blog post „How to prepare your jacket for the season“.

When do I need functional clothing?

teXXXactive® products are made especially for your daily adventures. A walk in the woods when it's windy, taking the dog out in the rain or simply when you're out and about and don't know how the weather will develop. With teXXXactive® you are prepared for everything. The many pockets offer space and storage for your belongings and are not only functional, but also give the style its well-known casual camel active outdoor look.