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Multi pocket vests: why the classic angler vests are experiencing a fashion revival

Angler vests - more than just practical fishing gear

Angler vests are no longer just functional clothing for anglers. In recent years, they have become a fashion trend seen both on the streets and the runways. The modern version of angler vests is better known as functional and practical multi-pocket vests, also referred to as utility vests or safari vests. These versatile garments offer a blend of functionality and style, featuring multiple pockets of varying sizes that are perfect for carrying items like phones, wallets, keys, and other essentials.

These vests are gaining popularity as they seamlessly complement casual outfits as well as outdoor looks. Whether worn over a simple t-shirt or a stylish long-sleeve shirt, they add a touch of laid-back, rustic charm to any ensemble.

The concept of incorporating multiple pockets of different sizes into vests is both practical and highly versatile. It allows wearers to carry their personal items effortlessly without the need for a handbag or backpack. Multi-pocket vests undoubtedly draw inspiration from the functionality and practicality of angler vests while adding a fashionable touch to cater to those who like to keep all their important belongings within easy reach. We'll show you how to integrate these reinvented angler vests into your everyday clothing to create a stylish look.

The versatile style of multi-pocket vests

Multi-pocket vests are like multi-tools among clothing items - practical, multifunctional, and rugged. Where they used to hold lures, hooks, and fishing gear, they now make space for smartphones, loose change, or sunglasses. But before you grab your new angler vest, here's a quick heads-up.

4 new looks for casual Multi-Pocket vests

Angler vests or multi-pocket vests come in a wide variety of styles and designs to suit every taste. From classic khaki vests with multiple pockets to simple variants made of lightweight materials - there's a suitable piece for every look.

We've curated four different styles for you to explore. Discover which one best matches your individual fashion taste. No matter how you combine your look, all multi-pocket vests share one common trait: a secure place for your accessories.

Urban hunter: multi-pocket vests for the rough urban look

We love exploring the urban jungle and creating our own urban style. A gray multi-pocket vest made from recycled polyester is the centerpiece of this outfit. Not only does it give us a strong look, but it also aligns with our sustainability values. We pair it with a breathable overshirt, robust and tear-resistant. A beige cargo short adds a rustic touch to the outfit, and the spacious pockets are perfect for urban discoveries. As we stride through the city, our velvety sneakers complete the rough urban look.


Casual chic: lightweight vests for a leisurely look

Let's add a bit more casual flair to our outfit: we pair a gray vest made from recycled polyester with modern cargo pants. Underneath, an airy, striped shirt creates a relaxed yet stylish look. As we are often on the move, sneakers are our preferred footwear. This combination is perfect for everyday wear or a laid-back weekend getaway.

Fashionably maritime: vests in dockland style

Who likes fishing in murky waters? In the Dockland style, we combine our vest with clear, maritime colors. The classic multi-pocket vest sits sporty and boasts an authentic used look. Underneath, we wear a rustic cotton shirt that allows freedom of movement for our active way of life. We complete the look with color-matching cargo shorts. Now all we need is boat shoes or rugged sneakers - anything that screams water adventures.

Lightweight vests as an eye-catcher

Opposites attract. For a standout appearance, we combine a classic, solid-colored vest with bold, vibrant colors to create eye-catching accents. For instance, we add a rose-colored sweater. We complement the outfit with neutral clothing items to avoid overwhelming the look. Matching shorts or relaxed cargo pants keep the vest in the spotlight. With color-coordinated accessories like a belt bag, we round off the look.

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Angler vests - really?

The angler vest, once merely a functional clothing item for fishing enthusiasts, has evolved into a fashionable accessory that combines style and practicality.

The angler vest as a statement piece:

The angler vest has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years and has become a true statement piece. Thanks to the growing interest in outdoor activities and the enduring trend of functional fashion, it has made the leap from the fishing pier to the runway. Today, we find it not only in classic olive green but also in various colors and materials that suit a wide range of outfits.

What sets a good vest apart?

A good vest stands out due to various features that make it functional, comfortable, and practical. Here are some attributes to consider when choosing your vest:

Durable Material: A high-quality vest is made of durable material that can withstand the challenges of nature. Nylon or recycled polyester are popular choices, as they are lightweight, long-lasting, and water-resistant.

Sufficient pockets: A reliable multi-pocket vest offers a variety of pockets in different sizes and shapes. After all, you'll want to conveniently store your phone, keys, money, small tools, and other items.

Eyelets & hooks: Besides pockets, additional features like D-rings, loops, or carabiner hooks can be helpful or simply add decorative details.

Fit: Some vests come with adjustable straps or drawstrings to provide a custom fit for different body shapes and sizes, ensuring comfortable wear and optimal freedom of movement.

Ventilation: Being active on warm days can be exhausting, so good ventilation is crucial to ensure proper air circulation.

Comfort: The vest should be lightweight, whether you wear it underneath or over other clothing items. Padded shoulder areas or a breathable lining can enhance comfort and reduce pressure points.

Stylish design: While functionality takes the lead, an vest should always match your style. Choose a vest that reflects your personal taste and preferences.

For what occasion do you wear a vest?

Outdoor activities: Especially multi-pocket vest are perfect for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or cycling. They offer practical pockets and storage space for small items like keys, phones, or snacks, ensuring everything is within reach.

Festivals: Vests are popular wardrobe choices at festivals. Not too warm, not too cold - ideal for unpredictable summer weather. They provide space for a water bottle, wallet, or power bank.

Casual Street Style: The fishing vest-inspired multi-pocket vest, can also be worn in everyday life. Let yourself be inspired by our looks or create your own. Paired with a t-shirt or shirt, it adds a touch of adventurous spirit to your outfit.

Travel: If you enjoy traveling, the multi-pocket vest makes a practical companion. With its numerous pockets, you can securely store travel documents, money, and other essentials while remaining stylish on the go.

Unconventional Events: Whether it's an art exhibition, alternative concert, or vintage market - the multi-pocket vest can be worn at unconventional events to add individuality and a touch of extravagance to your look.

The fishing vest-inspired multi-pocket vest has undoubtedly evolved from pure functionality to a fashion statement. Whether you combine it with casual leisurewear, street style, or an outdoor look, it adds that special something to your outfit.



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