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The logistics process, especially shipping and packaging, poses a major challenge for us nowadays. Several billion packages are shipped every year, which means an increased volume of waste. Since nature is especially close to our hearts, we at camel active try to counteract this. In this article, we'll show you what we're doing to make our shipping process more sustainable and how you can help protect the environment, too.


In 2021, around 4.52 billion parcel, express and courier shipments were sent in Germany. A large part of this shipping packaging, for which mainly new materials are used, is only used once before it is finally disposed of.

At camel active, we want to counteract this increased waste and have taken measures to make our packaging processes more sustainable. In this way, we want to help protect the environment and minimise packaging waste. For this reason, we make sure to reduce the materials we use, use recycled alternatives and also reuse cardboard packaging more often. How exactly do we do this? You can find out here.



For our shipping packaging, we are increasingly using more sustainable materials. Small items such as caps or scarves are shipped in shipping bags made of 100% FSC-certified recycled paper, which is fully biodegradable. For larger orders or jackets, we use cardboard boxes made of mono-material to support trouble-free recycling. The cardboard boxes are also 100% FSC certified, which confirms an environmentally friendly and socially responsible management of the forests. In this way, we can make our contribution towards sustainability and, by using recycled paper, also actively help to reduce the amount of new packaging materials used and save resources.

What kind of BOXES are used?

Who hasn't experienced this situation: when an item ordered online arrives, we realise that it was delivered in packaging that was far too large and the remaining space was filled with filler material. For this reason, we not only use recycled material alternatives, but also reduce the empty volume of our packages and in most cases completely dispense with filling materials. We achieve this by providing three different sizes of cardboard boxes and selecting the appropriate size for shipping depending on the quantity ordered. If filling material is ever needed, it is fully compostable. In addition, as many boxes as possible from our returns are reused and reintegrated into our shipping process. This saves valuable resources and reduces the environmental impact.


How does the principle of reusable shipping boxes work?

To ensure our shipping becomes more sustainable, we at camel active integrate used cardboard boxes into our shipping process. But how exactly does the concept work and are all cartons really reused?
In order to reuse cardboard boxes, the allover condition will be checked first at our warehouse to guarantee stability and protective function. When they pass our inspection they will be collected for reshipment and are re-integrated in our shipment process.


You can recognize the reused cardboard boxes by the  sticker placed on the box, which indicates a reuse and thus explains any traces of use of the package. The slight traces of use do not affect the quality of your goods, because the stability and protective function of the packages is still ensured.

How can I myself contribute to more sustainability when it comes to packaging and shipping?

To help us protect nature together and implement more sustainable shipping processes, here are some tips how you can support us:

1. Bundle orders

A step towards a more environmentally friendly shipping process would be to bundle your orders. Just ask your friends or relatives if anyone else would like to order from your desired online store and join forces. This not only saves packaging material, but also reduces your carbon footprint.

2. Shopping consciously and avoiding returns

A contribution for shopping more consciously would be avoiding returns to help avoid additional CO₂. Instead of returning an item, you could consider asking family or friends if they are interested in the ordered items. This way, you're not only doing the environment a favour, but you're also bringing joy to others. Alternatively check out our size guide on our camel active website to find the perfect size and avoid returns due to fitting problems. Contact our customer service  for a size recommendation, as they are always happy to help you.

3. What do I do with the cardboard box if I keep all the items?

If you are keeping all your items from your order and don't have to return anything, here are a few more creative ideas for using the shipping boxes:

  1. Upcycling: Before the boxes of online orders end up in the trash, they can be upcycled into useful everyday helpers. For example, a homemade seed tray for herbs and vegetables. Simply cut off the excess flaps of the cardboard box and decorate it as you like. You can wrap it with old fabric scraps or stick bamboo on it. Then line the box with a biodegradable bag (like a food waste bin liner perhaps), so that the moisture of the earth cannot leak out. Finally, you just need to fill the box with soil and plant seeds of your choice. Your new self-made indoor bed is ready.
  2. Surprise package for friends or family: If you don't feel like redesigning the boxes, you can  leave them in their original state and use them again, for as a surprise package or a care package for friends or family. In this way, you not only give the packaging a second life, but also bring joy to others. Twice as practical.
  3. Organizer: Another alternative to reusing the cardboard boxes you've already used is to repurpose them into useful organizers. You could use them to keep your drawers tidy, or to store seasonal items like shoes or jackets for a while.

We trust this article has given you a frist insight into our shipping processes and motivated you to join us in tackling the issue of sustainability. Let's MAKE AN ACTIVE CHANGE #makeanactivechange

These measures are our contribution towards a more conscious use of our resources and we are constantly exploring further improvements. We have many ideas that we would like to examine and gradually implement. If you would like to be part of our journey towars a better future, please feel free to share your ideas, inspirations and experiences with us. Please send your email to:


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