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Combining overshirts and shirt jackets

Shirt jackets or overshirts are real all-rounders and versatile. The many possible combinations make them an indispensable essential for your casual look and ideal for the transitional season. Here we share some great ideas on how to combine a shirt jacket and an overshirt in style and how to style outdoor layering looks.    

Styling OVERshirtS: We have 4 looks for you!   

They are the centrepiece of every layered look: cleverly combinable shirt jackets or overshirts. Whether you wear a hoodie, long-sleeved shirt or turtleneck underneath - or a quilted waistcoat over the top - there are no limits to the styling possibilities. You want to know what you should keep in mind when styling? How and with which garments you can best combine your shirt jacket? And what a “Shacked” actually is? Then you'll find a whole lot of styling tips here, as well as instructions for 4 easy-to-style overshirt outfits. Let's go!  


Plaid shirt jacket for a layerd look

OUTFIT #1   

We combine dark denim with a high stretch content for optimal freedom of movement with a plain grey T-shirt. Over this, we add a sporty hoodie, before we come to the highlight of the look. The roughly checked shirt jacket in a lumberjack style. Combine it with rough outdoor boots, a quilted waistcoat and a lot of adventurous spirit.

Cool outdoor combo with checked OVERSHIRT


A roughly checked overzised overshirt, rough black boots and dark, washed-out denim: with this look, inspired by rough workwear style, our adventure can begin. Underneath, we wear a soft, natural white knitted jumper made from a warm wool mix. Perfect for the layered look: a long, beige quilted waistcoat with a detachable hood - and the agony of choice of whether to wear it over or under our overzised shirt. The variety of combinations allows for everything!   

Casual corduroy look for wind and weather


The cap pulled deep into our faces, our hands well protected in warm-lined knitted gloves, we are out and about. Wrapped in a robust grey corduroy shacket, a thick, dark blue parka and casual denim, we brave the weather. With matching outdoor sneakers, we enjoy our walk through nature.

Cosy combined corduroy SHIRT JACKET


A shirt jacket combined with slim-fit denim and a plain white T-shirt - any layering outfit is a success. The special material provides that little bit extra: the shirt jacket is made of robust, olive-green corduroy. Underneath it we wear a wool cardigan in rosé, over it a checked knitted scarf as an accessory. The only thing missing is a pair of lace-up boots in the same colour as the shirt jacket! Alternatively, you can wear a floral all-over print dress under the shirt jacket. Add some sturdy boots and you're ready to go out.

Shirt jacket outfits: with these styling tips, the layering look is sure to succeed!

The shirt jacket is a real multi-player in fashion because it can be styled in many different ways. Here's what you need to know to make the layering look a success:

Styling tip #1: The most important styling knowledge first: We recommend that you always wear your shirt jacket open. That's what makes the look so casual.

Styling tip #2: Shirt jackets are combination wonders and are made for layering looks. So combine your overshirt with at least one other piece from your wardrobe.

Styling tip #3: As the name suggests, shirt jackets and overshirts are best worn over a T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt. But you can also wear jumpers under an overshirt. In this case, it's best to order your overshirt one size larger.

Styling tip #4: Is the weather not yet perfect? Then you can definitely use another layer over your overshirt. We recommend a puffer waistcoat, jacket or parka.

Styling tip #5: To make your shirt jacket the highlight of your outfit, keep the rest of your look simple. The overshirt is a real jacket substitute and goes perfectly with jeans and boots.

Shirt jacket know-how: What you should know about the trendy all-rounder.

The terms "shacket," "overshirt," and "shirt jacket" are often used synonymously and can have different meanings depending on context and location. However, there are some subtle differences between these terms:

What is a shirt jacket?

A shirt jacket is essentially a thicker version of a regular shirt that can be worn like a jacket. It usually has no insulation or lining and is usually made of cotton twill, denim or wool fabrics. A shirt jacket has a similar fit to a regular shirt and may have some extra pockets and buttons, depending on the style.


An overshirt is a shirt that is made of a slightly thicker and sturdier fabric, such as twill or denim, and can be worn like a jacket. Unlike a shacket, it usually has no insulation or lining and is therefore not as warm as a shacket. An overshirt often has a similar fit to a regular shirt, but may have some extra pockets and buttons to make it more functional.

What is a SHACKET?

A shacket is usually a bit thicker than a regular shirt and may have light insulation or a lining. It is also often a bit looser and boxier than a shirt and may have various pockets and buttons to make it more functional. However, compared to a regular jacket, a shacket is often lighter and less structured. 

Overall, shackets, overshirts, and shirt jackets are all similar garments that bridge the gap between shirts and jackets and are often a casual and versatile option for everyday wear. However, the differences between these terms are subtle and can vary by manufacturer and region.

The shirt jacket in denim look

A denim shirt jacket combined with a lightweight linen shirt, makes for a casual workwear look. Perfect for spring and summer when it starts to get warmer outside.

The checked shirt jacket

Checks come in all variations, see also our article on How to style... checks". In a lumberjack style, the attention-grabbing patterns look very good on shirt jackets and are real eye-catchers.

The classic shirt jacket in black

A black shirt jacket can be casually combined in all kinds of ways. But it's especially stylish when you style your black shacket with dark jeans and Chelsea boots.

The robust shirt jacket

Corduroy is robust, not very susceptible to dirt and has been used as workwear for decades. Inspired by its roughness, the corduroy shirt jacket is one of our favourite styles for the casual workwear look.
As you can see, shirt jackets are versatile all-rounders that are further enhanced by various extras such as large pockets, individual buttons or other accessories.

When can I wear a shirt jacket?

Shirt jackets are in season at any time of year. Depending on how you combine them, they can be worn all year round. Especially in the transitional phases between spring and summer as well as summer and autumn, ladies' and men's shirt jackets are a good alternative to a jacket. In winter, overshirts can be worn under a thick jacket.

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