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Teddy fleece jackets: a cozy autumn trend

Teddy fleece jackets are probably the fluffiest trend of the current fall/winter season. We reveal how to combine cozy fleece jackets skilfully and present 4 warm and cosy looks that can be styled in no time at all.

Teddy fleece: how to style the trendy look correctly.

In terms of warmth, coziness and style, the teddy fleece jacket is second to none. It is the perfect companion through the cool season and is a real eye-catcher. Whether for off-road or urban adventures - the teddy fleece jacket adapts to every occasion and matches with a wide variety of styling partners. We have put together two outfits for you. And one thing is for sure: they look as good as they feel.


Outfit 1

Everyone knows this time of year: it's just cold and uncomfortable outside and when the wind blows the leaves off the trees, it's time for: the teddy fleece jacket! It comes in creamy white and will be your best buddy in the transitional period. We wear a simple, white long-sleeved shirt under the eye-catching teddy fur or combine it with a delicate turquoise fine-knit troyer. Wide-leg jeans and off-white trainers, which go perfectly with our light-coloured teddy jacket, ensure a comfortable, casual look. Your fall highlight look is ready!


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Outfit 2

When the golden rays of the autumn sun once again awaken our thirst for adventure, we wrap up warm and head out. We first put on a basic long-sleeved shirt for a layered look. Then we slip into the comfortable, green cotton corduroy shirt and complete the look with our highlight piece: the wool and white teddy fleece vest. As a contrast to our loose-fit tops, we then go for figure-hugging straight-fit jeans and match them with chunky Chelsea boots.

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Teddy fleece jackets and vests for men

Even though we often associate "Teddy" with adjectives like "cuddly" and "fluffy," the fleece style is also absolutely in trend for menswear, especially in darker shades of khaki or with material mixes. Here are some hard-hitting facts that prove that teddy fleece is a must-have in every closet:

  1. Teddy fabric keeps you nice and warm and is easy to wear.
  2. Fleece is generally quick-drying, crease-resistant, machine-washable and extremely easy to care for.
  3. Teddy fleece is incredibly versatile. It comes in a wide variety of colors and shapes: for example, as a fleece pullover, a vest with a waffle pattern, a checked overshirt with a teddy fleece lining or a fleece jacket for men.

In short: teddy fleece is a practical all-rounder. Especially when "man" combines it as skillfully as in the following outfit suggestions.


Outfit 3

The mountain is calling: so put on your action-tested outdoor casual wear and head for the mountain top! The key piece of this look is definitely the robust, olive green outdoor jacket with a warm, soft teddy fleece lining. Equipped with large pockets and lots of space of freedom of movement, it is both comfortable and practical. We teamed the fleece jacket with a mottled gray sweatshirt with a zipped stand-up collar and an organic cotton shirt with a casual front print. Hard-wearing tapered fit cargo trousers in earthy brown and rugged boots are the perfect finishing touch.


Outfit 4

When it's neither really cold nor warm outside, it becomes our companion: the teddy fleece vest. Olive green and with lots of practical pockets, it's the perfect go-to piece. We wear a casual shoulder bag tone-on-tone over it. Underneath, we put on a gray mottled troyer with a zipper and casual, light brown corduroy trousers. High beige lace-up boots made from nubuck leather ensure a secure step and give the outfit the final kick.

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The right way to combine teddy jackets: Here's how!

The cozy trend jacket gives every outfit a fluffy factor in no time at all. But how do you combine teddy jackets correctly? We give you styling tips to make every teddy fleece outfit a success.

Styling tip #1: Teddy fleece jackets attract everyone's attention. The rest of the look can be a little more relaxed. That's why we recommend combining this fluffy styling wonder with simple basics. Slim fit denims or wide leg pants for comfortable casualness are ideal styling partners for teddy fleece ladies' jackets, for example.

Styling tip #2: The fleece jacket made of teddy fur is the ideal companion during the cool season. Sturdy chunky boots or lace-up boots provide a successful styling contrast.

Styling tip #3: Is it freezing cold outside? The teddy fleece on the outside reliably keeps you warm even on frosty days. Combined with cozy hats, headbands and scarves, the teddy fleece outfit transforms into an all-round warm winter look.

Want more styling tips? Our "How to style blog articles" show you how to combine overshirts and checked patterns like a pro!

Talk about teddy fleece: care, colors & types of fleece

Is teddy fleece warm?

Teddy fleece fabric is particularly warm. The high-pile fleece consists of very long and fine fibers. This special structure makes it possible to trap a lot of air and thus retain body heat.

What colors are teddy jackets available in?

Teddy jackets come in many colors. We can choose to wrap ourselves in warm brown tones from beige to chocolate, opt for black or white, let teddy fleece in soft pastel shades such as rosé or cream move in with us, or really let it rip with fleece jackets, fleece sweaters and fleece vests in more striking colors and extravagant patterns!

Are teddy jackets on trend?

The teddy jacket trend arrived a few years ago. And this fall/winter, there's no getting around these companions. And understandably so! Because the garments, which are modeled on real lambskin, not only provide warmth, but also a little bit of security. This makes them the ideal companion on cold days and a real must-have in every closet!

What types of fleece are there?

Fleece is available in many different materials, weight classes and with different characteristics. We'll guide you through the jungle and introduce you to the most popular types of fleece.

Classic fleece is suitable for outdoor adventures as well as for an individual urban look and is available in various thicknesses.

Stretch fleece is elastic, wind-repellent and abrasion-resistant. This makes it perfect for movement-intensive outdoor adventures! Stretch fleece has a roughened inside and a smooth outside. Ideal for a layered look. Because you can easily slip another jacket over it.

High-pile fleece - such as teddy fleece - has long fibers. This means that the teddy fur traps a lot of air and warms effectively.

Knitted fleece has a knitted outer surface and is therefore similar to conventional cardigans. The inside, however, is typically fleece-jacket fluffy.

Wool fleece is made from a wool/polyester blend. Thanks to the wool, the fleece is breathable, odor-resistant and does not become electrostatically charged. Wool is also a renewable raw material.

Alpine fleece is often used as warming and moisture-regulating winter clothing. It is a stretchable double-face fabric and consists of a sweat fabric side and a fleece side.

Waffle fleece has a waffle-like structured inside. This ensures rapid moisture management.

Can teddy fleece be washed?

Yes, teddy fleece sweaters, vests and jackets can be washed. However, to ensure that the fiber pile retains its fluffy factor, it is important to follow the care instructions for the respective item of clothing carefully, as these may differ depending on the material composition. Here are 4 important washing tips:

  1. Turn the teddy fleece jacket inside out so that the inside is facing out.
  2. Wash the fleece jacket with a special soft fleece and microfiber detergent at 30° on a gentle program. This will preserve the structure for a long time.
  3. Hands off fabric softener! This can damage the fleece fibers and the teddy fabric loses its ability to "fluff up".
  4. Line-dry the fleece jacket in a climate-friendly way. Or give it an extra cuddly boost in the dryer.

Shop & snuggle up: teddy fleece jacket & fleece sweater

Teddy fleece for men and women from camel active


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