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camel active scarf for women - Your must-have accessory

Our scarves are the perfect addition for anyone who values quality and longevity. Made from high-quality materials, they are exceptionally soft and gentle on the skin. Whether solid-colored, patterned, or with a print design, our scarves are easy to combine and are an important essential for your daily adventure. They perfectly round off your outdoor outfit, whether you're taking a walk in nature or planning a short trip to the city. With our scarves, you are well-equipped for any occasion and can rely on a comfortable wearing experience.

Durability through high-quality workmanship of our scarves

At camel active, it is our concern to act responsibly. Therefore, we place great emphasis on the high quality and durability of our products. We value the use of long-lasting and environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton and ensure careful workmanship. On our website, we also offer practical tips for the proper care of your favorite pieces so that you can enjoy them for a long time. We are also committed to environmentally friendly production methods and fair working conditions at our suppliers. You can find more information about camel active's commitment to sustainability and responsible action on our sustainability site.

Key information about women's scarves

Looking for the ideal scarf? Here we provide you with all the important information about the materials, various designs, and styles of our women's scarves, so you can make an informed decision when purchasing online. Our selection includes a variety of models that fit every outfit and occasion, so you can surely find the perfect scarf for your look.

Materials of our women's scarves

The material selection of camel active scarves is distinguished by its variety and quality, with each material offering specific advantages:

  • Woven scarf made of synthetic fiber fabric: This material is known for its robustness and ease of care, making it an excellent choice for everyday use.
  • Scarf made of pure cotton: Cotton is a natural, breathable material that is particularly soft on the skin and suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Fine woven scarf made of polyester-viscose mix: This combination combines the durability of polyester with the softness of viscose, guaranteeing a comfortable wearing experience.
  • Soft cotton mix with linen and viscose: This mix offers the wonderful wearing sensation of cotton, complemented by the lightness and natural texture of linen and viscose.
  • Made of high-quality modal: Modal fabric is known for its softness and suppleness, offering a particularly pleasant wearing experience.
  • Cotton-cashmere mix: This premium mix combines the softness and warmth of cashmere with the durability of cotton, making it a particularly high-quality choice.

The choice of the suitable material depends on various factors. For everyday activities and easy maintenance, a woven scarf made of synthetic fiber fabric is ideal. If you're seeking something special for cooler days, the cotton-cashmere blend, with its additional warmth and softness, is a particularly beautiful and high-quality alternative. A slightly lighter accessory that is more about enhancing the look, for example, is a scarf made of pure cotton or a cotton blend with linen and viscose.

Shapes and styles of our scarves for women

Our scarves come in a rich variety of shapes and styles that can enrich any look.

  • Long and narrowly cut scarves are particularly popular for a classic look, as both ends can be worn symmetrically on the right and left. This type of scarf is great for walks in nature, meetings with friends, or even festive occasions.
  • Loop scarves are a popular and practical alternative that stand out for their ease of use and often have a bit more volume than straight-cut scarves. They can be comfortably pulled over the head and then lie pleasantly on the skin. This type of scarf is ideal for active days when you need an uncomplicated eye-catcher, as the loop prevents the scarf from unwinding itself, even when you're more active and moving.
  • Square scarves, on the other hand, offer a completely different aesthetic. When placed around the neck, a characteristic point is created at the front. This shape is extremely versatile and can be worn in various ways to create different looks.

The collection also includes scarves with various fringe styles. Models without fringes offer a smooth, clean line that suits a minimalist style. Short fringes on a scarf add a subtle detail that introduces a hint of texture, while long fringes create a more noticeable appearance and give the look a less static characteristic. Regardless of the style chosen, the variety of shapes, sizes, and fringe types in the scarf collection offers something suitable for every taste and occasion.

Selection at camel active - One cloth, many colors

The scarves in this collection are characterized by a rich selection of various colors and patterns. From classic tones like blue, brown, green, pink, and black to lively multi-colored designs, the palette offers a variety that fits various styles and adventures. The patterns range from subtle, solid-colored to eye-catching, patterned designs. Whether plain or patterned, these scarves are not only practical but also a real eye-catcher.

How to combine your scarf right

Your camel active scarf can be easily combined and always creates a different look. Let yourself be inspired by our 3 outfit variants.

Casual Outfit with a Plaid Scarf

Kombiniere eine bequeme Jeans mit einem lockeren, weißen T-Shirt. Dazu trägst du einen leichten, karierten Webschal. Perfektioniere den Look mit bequemen Sneakern und einer entspannten Umhängetasche für dein souveränes Alltagsoutfit.

Summery outfit with a cotton-modal mix shawl

For a summery look, choose an airy, sleeveless top and flowing linen pants. A light fashion shawl made from a cotton-modal mix is ideal for warmer days and complements the outfit. Loosely draped around the neck and combined with sandals, this relaxed summer look is completed.

Straightforward outfit with a solid-colored knit scarf

For a straightforward style, choose straight-cut pants and a subtle sweater. A knit scarf with a portion of cashmere gives the look a very high-quality touch and provides extra warmth on icy days. Combine the outfit with boots and a handbag for an urban look.

Frequently asked questions about scarves

How do I properly clean a scarf?

Proper care of your scarf is crucial to maintain its quality and longevity. For a camel active women's scarf, it is important to pay attention to the care instructions on the label. Generally, we recommend hand washing scarves and shawls made of delicate materials like cashmere. Use a mild detergent and lukewarm water, gently press out the water and let the scarf dry flat on a towel. Avoid direct sunlight and heat, as they can damage the material.

When should I wear a scarf?

A scarf is an all-rounder that is versatile and suitable for every season. In winter, a woven scarf provides pleasant warmth, while in spring or autumn, a delicate, loosely worn scarf becomes a fashionable eye-catcher. For example, a cashmere scarf, casually draped over the shoulders, offers a stylish and cozy option. Scarves not only serve as fashionable accents but can also be used as light sun protection in summer and provide coziness on cooler summer evenings. Thus, they offer a versatile range of possibilities to complement any outfit individually.

Which scarves are currently in trend?

Current trends in women's scarves show a clear preference for checked designs. These scarves are available at camel active in a variety of colors and patterns. They offer a good combination of functionality and fashion expression, whether for outdoor activities or the urban lifestyle. Additionally, the various tying techniques open up a world of styling possibilities. Discover exciting posts on our blog that introduce different tying techniques and help you style your scarves and shawls for women in a trendy way.