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Find your perfect women's polo shirt at camel active

In our versatile selection, you can choose between classic, subdued colors and more vibrant hues to express your individual style. Made from high-quality organic cotton, our polo shirts not only guarantee durability but also a comfortable feel. Whether for a city stroll, a meeting with friends, or outdoor activities, these shirts are an essential basic in your wardrobe.

Durability & sustainability at camel active

At camel active, we focus on the quality and longevity of our products. We value the use of eco-friendly and durable materials like organic cotton. For the long life of your favorite pieces, we offer useful care tips on our website. We are also committed to sustainable production processes and fair working conditions with our suppliers. Learn more about our commitment to the environment on camel active's sustainability page.

Key information about women's polo shirts

Are you looking for the ideal women's polo shirt? Here we provide you with all the essential information about the materials, fits, and sizes of our polo shirts. We also present our selection of polo shirts to help you make the right decision when shopping online.

Materials of our women's polo shirts

Our polo shirts are characterized by the use of high-quality materials, especially the use of organic cotton. This not only provides a soft and comfortable wearing experience but also stands for our commitment to the environment. Here are some more benefits of our organic cotton:

  • Organic cotton provides natural breathability, which is particularly skin-friendly.
  • The cultivation of organic cotton is carried out without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals.
  • In addition to ecological benefits, organic cotton is also known for its durability. Our polo shirts retain their shape and color even after frequent wearing and washing.

Fit and size of women's polo shirts

Our women's polo shirts are available in various fits and sizes:

  • Variety in fit: We offer polo shirts in loose and regular fit. This ensures a relaxed look.
  • Wide range of sizes: Our polo shirts are available in a comprehensive size range, from small to larger sizes. This ensures that every customer can find the right shirt for her individual body shape.
  • Fit Finder on our website: To help you choose the right size, we offer a practical Fit Finder on our website. This tool makes it easier to find the right fit by giving you size recommendations based on your measurements.

Discover the selection at camel active

In our collection of polo shirts at camel active, you will find a diverse selection of colors. The palette ranges from classic tones like white, black, and navy blue to livelier colors like red and green. Additionally, our collection offers a variation in necklines. In addition to the polo shirt with collar and button placket, we also offer models with a simple V-neck.

How to properly combine your women's polo shirt

Your camel active polo shirt is versatile and adds an extra touch to every outfit. Discover our three inspiring styling suggestions.

Outfit 1 - Sporty through everyday life

For a sporty look, choose a polo shirt in a strong color like red or green with plain jogging pants or relaxed chinos. Wear a pair of sneakers to underline the sporty character, while a light jacket completes the outfit.

Outfit 2 - Courage to color

For a classic look, choose a polo shirt in a neutral color like white or navy blue. Combine it with black linen pants for a simple but modern look. A pair of sneakers and a classic handbag complement this look perfectly, while a belt completes the overall image.

Outfit 3 - The classic

For a classic look, choose a polo shirt in a neutral color like white or navy blue. Combine it with black linen pants for a simple but modern look. A pair of sneakers and a classic handbag complement this look perfectly, while a belt completes the overall image.

Frequently asked questions about women's polo shirts

How do I properly clean a polo shirt?

A polo shirt is not only a versatile garment but also easy to care for. Most short sleeve polo shirts from camel active can easily be washed in the washing machine. Pay attention to the care instructions found on the label. Generally, we recommend turning the shirt inside out and washing it at a temperature of 30 to 40 degrees. Avoid bleach and too hot drying to preserve the colors and material.

Which polo shirt fabrics are particularly suitable for Spring 2024?

Polo shirts come in a variety of qualities and fabrics. For Spring 2024, polo shirt fabrics that combine lightness, breathability, and comfort are particularly suitable. Organic cotton is in the spotlight due to its environmentally friendly properties and its ability to effectively wick away moisture, making it ideal for warmer days. These materials are perfect for spring polo shirts as they allow the skin to breathe while also ensuring a fresh and well-groomed look. Whether you wear it as a hiking shirt in nature or at the Easter brunch with the family, discover your new women's polo shirt at camel active. The polos are all in slub jersey quality. This fabric provides a slightly irregular appearance because the thread varies naturally in thickness.

Can polo shirts be a good Easter gift and how do I choose the right one?

Yes, polo shirts can be an excellent Easter gift, especially because they come in such great spring colors. To choose the right polo shirt as a gift, first consider the personal style and preferences of the person who will receive the gift. A classic polo shirt in a neutral color like white, black, or navy is a safe choice that fits various occasions and outfits. For someone who makes bolder fashion choices, polo shirts in vibrant colors or with special details like a striking collar might be an option. What don't you need to worry about? The quality of the fabric and the use of sustainably produced organic cotton. Because we at camel active want you and the gift recipient to enjoy our polos for a long time. So, what color will it be? Or maybe a whole nest full of colorful polo shirts?