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Light jackets for men by camel active

Spring or autumn are the seasons for light jackets. When the winter jacket can finally be stowed away and the sun comes out again, you can finally reach for a light jacket for men. Or when the days get shorter in autumn and the first fresh winds come up, a light jacket for men is the perfect companion. Find a wide selection of light jackets from camel active here. Discover a variety of jackets in our online shop - from blousons to worker jackets. Find your favourite jacket.

Find the right lightweight jacket for you

Here in our online shop you will find a wide range of different lightweight jackets. Find your style among these models:

  • Blouson
  • Bomber jacket
  • College jacket
  • Short jacket
  • Quilted jacket
  • Teddy jacket
  • Waistcoat
  • Worker jacket
  • Overshirt
  • Shirt jacket
  • Transition jacket

Change of season - great selection of lightweight jackets!

When the weather finally gets warmer again, it's time for a light transitional jacket from camel active. A light jacket comes in a variety of styles and colours, which you can find here with us. Especially in changeable weather, you are perfectly equipped with a light jacket.

Sustainable lightweight jackets for men

As sustainability is an important topic for us, we at camel active try to make a contribution. We strive to produce more and more articles more sustainably, and also to act in a particularly resource-friendly way when it comes to the material used. In the light jackets, there are already some articles that are produced sustainably. For these articles, we use organic cotton or recycled polyester, for example.

Light jacket styled casually

A casual look is quickly styled with a light jacket. A pair of denim or jeans matches perfectly with a cotton shirt and becomes a cool everyday look with a light jacket. An overshirt can be ideally combined with this. This is perfect for the transitional season and gives the outfit just the right versatility for all your adventures. Combined with matching sneakers, you're ready for your outdoor adventure.

  • Denim / Jeans
  • Cotton shirt
  • Overshirt
  • Sneakers

Ready for your adventures in any weather - with a lightweight men's jacket from camel active

A lightweight jacket is also perfect for adventurous adventures. For a hike in the mountains, a lightweight jacket is your perfect companion when it gets a bit misty and damp in the higher altitudes and the temperatures drop. A hooded blouson with water-repellent properties is ideal for this. Styled with a jumper, comfortable regular-fit denim and matching boots, nothing stands in the way of your adventure.

  • Hooded blouson
  • Jumper
  • Denim jeans
  • Boots

Light jackets - the matching accessories

To make your lightweight men's jacket stand out even more, you can combine it with a few accessories. When the sun is shining, a cap is a cool essential. It not only protects you, but also adds a casual touch to your outfit. Backpacks also go well with your light jacket. They are not only functional and practical, but also look great. In muted colours, such as brown, khaki or dark blue, they go with a variety of outfits.


When is a light jacket worn?

A light jacket is worn when the weather is getting warmer, but the sun doesn't quite want to come out yet. It is perfect when rainy days can be expected or when a cool wind blows. When the weather is still unstable, and you need to quickly put on or take off your light jacket to adapt your look to the weather conditions. It's a good thing that our lightweight jackets really are so light and are great for stowing in your backpack. Practical for when you're out and about.

Which jackets are on trend?

A must-have for spring and autumn are quilted jackets. They come in different colours and models. Generally, jackets in bold colours are popular right now. Overshirts or shirt jackets are also trendy, look very casual and turn every outfit into a sporty look.

In which season is a light jacket worn?

A light camel active jacket can be worn ideally in the transitional season, precisely when it is not always entirely clear what the weather will be like. And when summer is just around the corner again, a light jacket is the perfect choice, as it offers protection and provides the necessary warmth even on somewhat cooler summer days. In the cooler autumn days, a light jacket with a hood also protects you from wind and rain.