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Functional jackets for women, optimal for wind and weather

At camel active, you will find a diverse selection of multifunctional jackets for women suitable for any weather, keeping you warm and dry at all times. Our jackets are specifically designed for an active lifestyle, combining robust durability with comfort and style. Not only are they waterproof, windproof, and breathable, but they are also made from high-quality textiles to accompany and protect you on every adventure. Learn more about our functional jackets available in various colors and fits, and find your ideal model. Looking for more variety in jackets? No problem: We also offer practical quilted jackets and long windbreakers in different colors and fits in our range.

Durability and responsibility

At camel active, active and responsible action is an essential part of our corporate philosophy. We place great value on the quality and longevity of our products. A good example of this is our functional jackets made from recycled polyester. These jackets not only protect against wind and weather but are also a result of our commitment to environmental protection. The use of recycled materials is a step towards circularity, an economy that helps save natural resources and energy and counteracts the disposal of old garments. In addition, our products are designed to be long-lasting, contributing further to sustainability.

Like our entire collection, we have focused on sustainability with our teXXXactive jackets. They are characterized not only by their waterproof, windproof, and breathable functions but are also completely free from PFC and PTFE. These chemicals, commonly used in the outdoor clothing industry, are not biodegradable and are now detectable almost everywhere in the world. Our teXXXactive® jackets use a membrane made from recycled material.

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond product development and extends to more sustainable production methods and fair working conditions at our suppliers. We understand that sustainability is a comprehensive approach that encompasses the entire supply chain and lifecycle of a product. Therefore, we are constantly striving to improve our processes and make the entire process transparent.

Key information about women's functional jackets

Looking for a functional jacket? Here, we provide you with all the essential information about the materials, fit, and sizes of our functional jackets, as well as a comprehensive selection of different styles. All this helps you thoroughly inform yourself before purchasing and find the jacket that's right for you.

Materials of the jackets

The materials of camel active's functional jackets offer specific advantages, making them ideal for various outdoor activities:

  1. Waterproof and wind-resistant outer material made from recycled polyester or a recycled cotton mix:
    • Effectively repels moisture & protects against wind
    • PFC- & PTFE-free
    • Breathable membrane
    • Water column up to 10k
    • Welded seams
    • Provides natural comfort and breathability
  2. Synthetic filling:
    • Warming and keeps out the cold
    • Free from animal components
    • Especially lightweight and comfortable, ideal for activities requiring a lot of movement

Fit and sizes

The right size and optimal fit are crucial for the comfort and functionality of a functional jacket. At camel active, we ensure that our jackets are not only functional but also comfortable and pleasant to wear. Our functional jackets provide a comfortable thermal climate and are available in several models, so there's something for every need and style. The cut is designed to ensure enough freedom of movement. There are more feminine fits as well as extra oversized jackets and coats. For detailed information on specific sizes and measurements, you can find our fit information on our website, including helpful tips for measuring chest, waist circumference, and other relevant measurements.

Diverse selection - our multifunctional jackets

At camel active, we offer a wide selection of functional jackets to meet different tastes and needs:

  • Colors: The jackets and coats are available in a wide range of colors, including beige, blue, brown, green, olive, khaki, light khaki, pink, and black.
  • Materials: Different materials for the outer fabric, including recycled polyester, ripstop fabric, or a recycled cotton mix with a high cotton content, are particularly high-quality in feel and offer especially longevity and comfort.
  • Fit: Whether it's a quilted jacket, a sporty windbreaker, a tailored parka, or a 2-in-1 coat – you'll find your preferred fit for every taste and occasion at camel active.

The combination of color diversity, high-quality textiles, and fit diversity in our functional jackets for women offers you an excellent opportunity to make an optimal choice for everyday life and your daily adventures.

How to properly combine your functional jacket

Your camel active multifunctional jacket is easy to combine and ensures a variety of looks. Get inspired by our three outfit variations.

Casual: your casual combination with the functional jacket

Your camel active functional jacket is a versatile piece of clothing for your casual outfit. Combine it with comfortable jeans and a simple T-shirt for a relaxed, everyday look. If you want to set special accents without losing the casual character, try the jacket with a sweater and chino pants. For additional versatility, add accessories like a hat or scarf. These combinations are excellent for city strolls, meetings with friends, or relaxed weekend activities.

Active: sporty looks with your functional jacket

The functional jacket is an indispensable companion for your active lifestyle. It goes perfectly with sporty active clothing like cargo pants and long-sleeved shirts, offering an ideal combination of function and style. Wear it with simple jeans and sneakers for a sporty-fashionable look suitable for all outdoor activities. Experiment with different colors and patterns to give your sporty outfit a personal touch.

Fashionable: statement with the functional jacket

The functional jacket is no longer just popular in the outdoor sector. Its robust and rough look is precisely the trend in urban lifestyle and is increasingly being showcased by various fashion magazines. Combine it with flared-fit denim and a casual Henley shirt. Alternatively, wear it with a dress or skirt. Add an oversized cropped knitted sweater and boots, and the look is ready for the city. The functional jacket effortlessly integrates into diverse outfits. Complement your jacket with accessories like a shoulder bag.

Frequently asked questions about the functional jacket for women

How do i properly clean a functional jacket?

Correct cleaning and care of your functional jacket are essential to maintain its longevity and functionality. It's important to follow the care instructions on the label precisely. In many cases, functional jackets are machine washable. Use a mild detergent and avoid fabric softener, as it can impair the jacket's breathability. It's advisable not to wash the jacket too frequently. Cleaning at the end or beginning of the season, including re-impregnation, is recommended.

When to wear a functional jacket?

A functional jacket is the ideal companion for a variety of activities. It provides protection against wind and weather and keeps you warm and dry, whether during outdoor activities like hiking and cycling or on a relaxed city stroll. camel active's multifunctional jackets are specifically designed for everyday adventures. Even more functionality is offered by the jackets with their numerous pockets, which provide practical storage space and also make up the characteristic camel active casual outdoor look.

What functional jackets are currently trending?

Currently, especially solid-colored functional jackets are in trend, combining functionality and style. At camel active, you will find a wide selection of current trends. Models in subdued colors such as black, gray, or beige are particularly popular. They are versatile to combine and match any outfit. But colorful models are also in demand. They set colorful accents and ensure a good mood, even in bad weather.

Longer functional coats are also currently trending. The loose fit of a functional coat ensures a casual look suitable for both outdoor activities and urban everyday life. In addition, a long jacket offers additional comfort and warmth, making it an ideal choice for cooler days and evenings.