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Women's winter jackets - Warm and practical

A long winter jacket not only provides additional protection from the cold but also a high degree of comfort. Our winter jackets are all equipped with a hood to keep you warm in freezing temperatures. Moreover, they are breathable and ensure you feel comfortable even during physical exertion. Many of our jackets extend over the buttocks, hips, and thighs, offering protection in cool temperatures outdoors.

Durability & responsibility at camel active

At camel active, it is particularly important to us to act responsibly and mindfully. We focus on high quality and longevity of our products. In manufacturing, we not only focus on good craftsmanship but also on the use of natural and ecologically compatible materials, such as organic cotton. To support the longevity of your favorite camel active pieces, we provide useful advice for proper cleaning and care on our website.

Find detailed information about our commitment to sustainability and responsibility at camel active on our sustainability page.

Key information about your women's winter jacket

Are you looking for the ideal winter jacket? Here, we offer you all the essential details about the materials, fit, and sizes of our winter jackets, as well as a versatile selection of different models.


The material selection of our winter jackets focuses on comfort and functionality. Particularly functional is our teXXXactive® line, which is based on innovative functional technology. Our teXXXactive® products are characterized by a special waterproof membrane that withstands a water column of up to 10K in some models, ensuring you stay dry even in continuous rain. They are not only waterproof but also windproof thanks to a membrane. The breathability is ensured by a microporous membrane that transports water from inside to outside, efficiently removing moisture.

Moreover, our jackets are PFC- and PTFE-free. To protect nature, we increasingly use recycled polyester and polyamide alternatives. teXXXactive® items can always be identified by the yellow Function Highlight label.

In addition to advanced teXXXactive® winter jackets, camel active also offers down-free quilted and puffer jackets. These jackets are lined with high-quality synthetic fibers known for their excellent thermal insulation. This ensures lightness and flexibility without relying on animal products.

Fit and size of your new winter jacket

A winter jacket is a garment that should give you long-lasting pleasure and reliably accompany you through many winters. Choosing the right size when buying online is never easy. Our size and fit guide will help you find the right size and fit for your needs. Our winter jackets are oversized and comfortably cut depending on the style, or slightly tailored for a figure-hugging fit. A hidden drawstring at the waist allows the jackets to be individually adjusted. Special attention is also paid to the length of the jackets – longer models such as our puffer coats and parkas, for example, offer special protection against cold on the legs during outdoor activities. For precise information about our sizes and the optimal measurement of your measurements, visit our fit guide, where you will also find helpful instructions for correct measuring.

The selection of women's winter jackets at camel active

The selection of winter jackets at camel active is as diverse as your plans for the cold season. In our collection, you will find a wide range of models that combine functionality and style. Choose between lightweight jackets for mild winter days, robust transitional jackets, trendy quilted jackets for winter, and practical reversible jackets. Also, classic field jackets, warming parkas, performance-oriented functional jackets, and stylish coats are available in many colors like olive, khaki, white, cream, brown, black, or blue. With sizes from 34 to 48 and fits from regular to relaxed, our collection leaves nothing to be desired. Discover, for example, our functional coat with a hood or the quilted coat made of recycled polyester, available in various shades and characterized by sustainable materials. Each model is designed to faithfully accompany you on every adventure and keep you warm.

How to combine women's winter jackets

Casual urban look

Opt for an urban style on winter days and brave the cold temperatures by complementing your jacket with fluffy teddy gloves. Paired with well-fitting jeans and casual boots, you're ready for the first snow. This outfit is suitable for both the city and a snow hike in the woods. A knitted sweater, a simple belt, and accessories like a matching hat complete the look.

Sporty & comfortable winter jackets

For active days when high day comfort is the focus, a shorter winter jacket with quilting is perfect. Pair it with sporty jeans and sneakers. This look is ideal for outdoor activities or to come through the icy days in a sporty yet fashionable way. These types of winter jackets not only provide protection from the cold but also fit very well.

Colorful winter jackets

For events where your outfit should leave a lasting impression, a camel active winter jacket combined with a carefully selected look is the ideal choice. Combine a yellow, pink, or red winter jacket with a simple dress. Pair with boots for an outfit that combines warmth and fashionable statements. Accessories like a small handbag and subtle jewelry give the overall look a casual touch, perfect for cold evenings or winter walks, but also for festive dinners and theater visits. Our winter jackets are true all-round talents!

Frequently asked questions about women's winter jackets

How do I properly clean a winter jacket so that it remains functional?

Proper care of your winter jacket is important to ensure its longevity and functionality. Most lined winter jackets, including camel active jackets for women, can be cleaned in the washing machine. However, make sure to follow the care instructions on the care label. Use a mild detergent and set the machine to a gentle program, without a high spin cycle. It is particularly important that the jacket should air dry after washing. Otherwise, we recommend bringing the jacket to a cleaner after a season for professional cleaning and impregnation, to ensure longevity and many years of enjoyment of the women's winter jacket. If you are unsure about cleaning, take a look at our blog post „How to Clean a Winter Jacket“ for helpful tips.

When to wear a winter jacket?

A winter jacket is a reliable companion when temperatures drop. It is ideal for activities in nature, such as walks through the forest, but also for everyday use in the city and long evenings at the Christmas market. A lined winter jacket for women provides the necessary protection against cold, wind, and rain.

What winter jackets are currently trending?

Current trends in winter models for women include long cuts and natural colors. A women's quilted winter jacket is a good choice if you're looking for a jacket that is both warm and fashionable. It is lightweight yet warming and provides you with the freedom of movement you need for your outdoor activities. At camel active, you will discover a variety of winter jackets that perfectly match your dynamic everyday life and meet your standards of quality and sustainability.