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camel active fabric pants in linen and cotton

Discover the versatility and comfort of our women's fabric pants collection. Made from a selection of high-quality materials, including cotton and soft corduroy, these pants offer an optimal fit and are particularly durable due to their high-quality workmanship. Many models are also available in several colors, from classic beige, khaki, and black to bold colors like blue and white, as well as patterns such as classic houndstooth or Vichy check. The wide range of cuts - from loose women's pants to slim-fit designs - ensures that every woman finds the perfect pant for her individual taste. Our pants are more than just a garment, they are companions for everyday adventures and offer comfort without compromising on quality. Whether for a walk in nature or a relaxed day at home, our fabric pants are always an ideal choice.

Longevity in camel active women's fabric pants

At camel active, we actively commit to responsible action. We particularly value the use of environmentally friendly and durable materials, such as organic cotton, and always ensure high-quality workmanship. To ensure you enjoy our products for a long time, you can find helpful care instructions on our website. Additionally, we strive to promote sustainable manufacturing processes and fair working conditions at our suppliers. You can find more information about our commitment to sustainability and responsible action on our sustainability page.

Key information about cotton and linen pants for women

Looking for the perfect fabric pant? Here you will discover all the important information about the materials, fit, and sizes of our fabric pants, as well as a selection of different models.

Material quality tips

camel active's fabric pants impress with their variety of high-quality materials:

  • Velvet corduroy made of cotton with elastane: This fabric combines the softness of velvet with the stretchiness of elastane, ensuring a flattering fit and freedom of movement. The result is a velvety smooth surface feel with an ideal fit.
  • Material mix with viscose and stretch: A combination that feels particularly silky. The flowing fabric falls lightly and beautifully, especially in straight and wide-cut pants. Viscose provides a silky feel, while stretch ensures flexibility.
  • Wide soft corduroy made of 100% cotton: 100% cotton in corduroy fabrics offers natural breathability, high wearing comfort, ease of care, skin-friendliness, and a sustainable option.
  • Velvet made from a cotton mix with elastane: Similar to velvet corduroy, this blend of natural fiber and elastane provides a pleasant feel and sufficient elasticity.
  • Material mix of wool fibers and synthetic fibers: This combination is ideal for cooler days, providing warmth, while the addition of synthetic fibers ensures durability.
  • Linen mix with TENCEL Lyocell: TENCEL Lyocell, a brand of Lenzing AG, is known for its sustainability and is combined with linen to create a breathable and environmentally friendly fabric. Linen is a natural fiber derived from the stalks of the flax plant, known for its strength and durability.
  • Cotton satin with 2-way stretch: This fabric offers a smooth surface and a flexible fit that adapts to the body, thanks to the 2-way stretch.

Each of these materials is carefully selected to optimize the quality and comfort of camel active's fabric pants.

Fit and sizes of camel active fabric pants

The fit and sizes of camel active's fabric pants cater to different body shapes and style preferences. Here is an overview of the various fits:

  • Modern fit: This fit features a slightly tailored silhouette that is neither too tight nor too loose, providing a contemporary look suitable for many body types.
  • Straight fit: The "Straight Fit" in pants is characterized by a straight cut that runs uniformly from the hip to the hem without tapering.
  • Relaxed fit: This fit is particularly wide and comfortable, ideal for relaxed days when you crave plenty of freedom of movement.
  • Slim fit: Fitting closely, this fit accentuates the body's contours. Ideal for those who prefer a figure-hugging silhouette, it offers an appealing look while still providing generous freedom of movement thanks to the stretch component.
  • Loose fit: Similar to the relaxed fit, this fit is even more generously cut, offering maximum freedom of movement and creating a very casual style.
  • Joggpants made of cotton or linen: Ideal for an uncomplicated look, these pants combine the comfort of jogging pants with the appearance of regular pants.

Each fit is available in various sizes. If you need detailed information on specific sizes, you can find it in our fit guide on our website. There you will also find useful tips on how to correctly measure waist circumference, hip circumference, and other relevant measurements to ensure that your new pants fit perfectly.

Wide selection at camel active

At camel active, you can expect an extensive collection of fabric pants: From casual slim-fit pants made of cotton fabric to comfortable linen pants with wide legs. The palette ranges from plain, single-colored models in beige and other earth tones to a variety of patterns that meet every taste. Especially our pants with elastic waistbands for women provide great comfort. With the practical filter function, you can specifically search for your styles and find the right model. Whether for everyday use or special occasions, here you will find the ideal pant.

How to combine your women's fabric pant right

Your camel active fabric pant can be combined in various ways, creating a different look each time. Be inspired by our 3 outfit ideas.

Classic with a twist

An on-trend and modern, yet comfortable look is achieved with a straight-fit pant, combined with a minimalist check pattern and an elastic waistband. Paired with a plain blouse, it creates a balanced look. Combine it with leather sneakers for a sporty twist on a classic look.

Airy and summery

For warm days, a combination of light linen pants and a lightweight top is suitable. The breathable cotton or linen fabric of the summer pant provides comfort and freedom of movement while offering a cooling sensation on the skin. Sandals complement the relaxed look, making it ideal for a city stroll or a day in the park. This outfit is an excellent choice for a casual yet stylish summer look.

Casual and functional

A slim-fit pant with cargo pockets forms the basis of a relaxed but practical everyday look. The pant combines style with functionality, offering extra storage space thanks to the pockets. A loosely fitting T-shirt provides comfort, making the outfit perfect for a day in the city or casual meetups with friends. Sneakers underline the laid-back character and offer comfort throughout the day. An overshirt adds an extra layer for cooler weather and rounds off the outfit skillfully.

Frequently asked questions about linen pants for women

You have decided on a fabric pant and would now like to know more about its care and use? No problem, we have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions on the subject of fabric pants for you.

How do I properly clean a fabric pant?

Proper care of your fabric pant is crucial for its longevity and fit. At camel active, we place great importance on quality and sustainability; therefore, our fabric pants are designed to be easy to clean. Generally: Always pay attention to the care label! There you will find all the important information for properly cleaning your pant. For most women's pants, such as linen pants for women, a machine wash at 30 degrees is sufficient. For drying, the pants should ideally be laid flat to prevent wrinkling. Fabric pants made of linen or cotton can be ironed. Linen pants should preferably be ironed slightly damp and at lower temperatures, while cotton pants can withstand high ironing temperatures.

When do I wear a fabric pant?

Fabric pants are true all-rounders. They are comfortable and practical. Whether hiking, strolling through the city, or cozy get-togethers with friends - a fabric pant is always a good choice. Especially the camel active fabric pants for women impress with their high wearing comfort.

Which fabric pants are currently in trend?

Currently, fabric pants in various styles are in trend. Particularly popular are wide-legged linen pants, which are not only fashionable but also extremely comfortable. They offer a breezy fit, ideal for warmer days. Straight-fit pants in neutral colors like beige, which can be easily combined with different tops, are also popular. Cargo pants in slim fit are making a comeback and are a great choice for a casual yet neat look. These trends are also reflected in our camel active collection.