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The camel active bag - Large and small handbags for your daily adventure

Our handbags are more than just a trendy accessory. They are a loyal companion on all your adventures. Whether in everyday life or on nature excursions, our all-rounders offer enough space for all your essential items and are comfortable to carry on the shoulder or in the hand. We place great importance on quality and durability. Therefore, our women's handbags are made from weather-resistant materials that withstand even the toughest conditions.

camel active – Sustainability of our handbags

At camel active, we value sustainability and responsible action. Our handbag collection reflects this commitment. They are known for their durability, which is due to high-quality craftsmanship. On our website, you will also find useful tips for caring for your handbag to extend its life. Feel free to visit our sustainability page to learn more about our commitment to the environment, sustainable production methods, and fair working conditions.

Key information about allrounder women's handbags

Looking for the right women's handbag? We provide comprehensive information about the materials, fit, and size of our handbags, complemented by a versatile selection of different styles. This way, you can make an informed and considered decision when buying online. Whether for everyday use, work, or your next trip - in our assortment, you will find women's handbags that perfectly suit your needs.

Material and workmanship

Discover our large and small bags from camel active, which combine style with practical use. Our bags are made from a mix of high-quality nylon and natural materials like cotton and hemp, giving them longevity and robustness. While the nylon is known for its resistance and water-repellent properties, the natural materials emphasize the environmentally friendly aspect and ensure a pleasant feel.

The nylon material offers another advantage in everyday life and outdoor activities: The nylon handbags provide enough space for all your essentials and have the advantage of being very lightweight.

Additionally, all camel active bags feature zippers. These provide additional security for your valuables while still allowing quick access to the contents of the bag.

Most camel active models are also designed so that you can comfortably carry the bag on your shoulder. The long, wide, and adjustable shoulder straps allow you to adjust the bag to individual needs, so you can carry it at chest or hip height.

The various sizes of camel active handbags for women

The camel active bags come in various sizes:

  • The small handbags are perfect for those looking for a compact and easy-to-carry option for daily essentials like keys, wallets, and smartphones. Their sporty and practical design makes the mini bags an ideal companion for the city, shopping, or nature excursions.
  • For those who need more storage space, the larger bags from camel active are a good choice. They are excellent for workdays when you need space for everyday essentials and a tablet, notebooks, or even a small laptop.
  • In addition, camel active also offers medium-sized bags, like our Shopper Bag. It is large enough to store all the essentials but still compact enough to carry comfortably and easily over the shoulder. This versatility makes the shoulder bag ideal for weekend trips, meetings with friends, or as a reliable everyday bag. Each size model in the camel active bag collection is equipped with thoughtful details that allow for organized storage.

Each size model in the camel active bag collection is equipped with thoughtful details that allow for organized storage.

Wide selection - The bags from camel active

The camel active handbag range is characterized by a natural and fashionable color palette, ranging from classic black and dark brown to various shades of blue and gray, as well as natural olive. This variety of colors allows for numerous combinations with different styles.

The collection includes various designs. These include practical shoulder bags with adjustable shoulder straps, compact crossover bags, and simple handbags with handles. For a striking look, our selection also includes bags with eye-catching details, such as a camouflage floral print.

Overall, the collection reflects the diversity and adaptability of camel active, presenting style, quality, and practicality in a balanced mix.

3 women's handbags, 3 outfits: How to showcase your handbag

Your camel active handbag can be effortlessly combined to create a different look every time. You will find different types of handbags in our assortment for various occasions. Let our 3 outfit variations inspire you.

Casual weekend outfits

For everyday use, a small handbag is excellent. It offers enough space for your wallet and keys, as well as everything else that must not be missing in your bag. Ideal for a relaxed weekend look is the combination of your mini bag with casual jeans, a cozy sweater or T-shirt, and comfortable sneakers. This outfit is perfect for a city stroll or a relaxed meeting with friends.

The perfect women's handbag for a dinner

A women's handbag in a neutral color is ideal for dining out. Combine it with a loose blouse, slim-fit jeans, and matching shoes. The bag completes the outfit without being obtrusive and offers enough space for personal items like keys and a smartphone.

Shopping with the shopper bag

A shopper bag with a modern pattern is the perfect companion for a shopping spree. It offers enough space for your purchases and can be easily combined with different styles thanks to its design. The bag can be comfortably carried over the shoulder, leaving your hands free - ideal for browsing and shopping. Its practical layout ensures that you can safely and organized store all your important items.

Frequently asked questions about women's handbags

How do I properly clean a handbag?

Proper care of your handbag is crucial to ensure its longevity. For a camel active women's handbag, it is important to follow the specific care instructions on the care label. Generally: Avoid harsh cleaning agents and clean only when necessary. A gentle cleaning with a damp, fine cloth can often be enough to remove light dirt. For more stubborn stains, professional cleaning may be advisable.

When do you wear a handbag?

A handbag is a versatile accessory that you can wear on many occasions. Whether shopping, at work, or on a walk - a durable handbag is always a practical and helpful companion. Especially the handbags from camel active offer a lot of storage space and are easy to combine. So you always have everything important at hand. For more security, for example for your wallet, we recommend handbags with a zipper for closing.

Which handbags are currently in trend?

Current trends in the world of handbags are diverse and range from minimalist designs to striking colors and patterns. However, bags with great details, such as an additional medium-length handle or another shoulder strap, are particularly in focus. A small handbag with a carrying strap can thus be a great eye-catcher and offers enough space for your most important things. Also, women's shoulder bags made of nylon are popular with people with an active lifestyle, as they are robust and easy to clean.