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Robust and water-repellent women's backpacks from camel active

camel active is a brand known for its high-quality outdoor clothing and equipment. The products are not only comfortable and pleasant to wear but also functional and long-lasting. Selected materials, such as nylon, faux leather, leather, and waxed cotton canvas, are crucial for the high-quality construction of camel active women's backpacks. Due to their properties, the backpacks are especially robust, water-repellent, and true space miracles. A women's backpack from camel active is more than just an accessory.

Large and small backpacks for women

A small daily bag is ideal for everyday use, thanks to its light and compact design. Our small backpacks are true organizers. Despite their handy sizes, they surprise with enough space for all essential items. Additionally, their water-repellent property provides reliable protection for your belongings against rain and moisture. Thus, a small women's backpack is a good alternative to a handbag or shoulder bag and a perfect mix of functionality and practical design.

Our larger models are more suitable for nature tours or short trips. You can easily fit a packable jacket in the backpack and enough provisions for a multi-hour hike. In our large models, even a change of clothes for up to 5 days can be accommodated. So, they are real storage wonders with ultra-lightweight.

Sustainability aspect of durability in backpacks

At camel active, it is our concern to act actively and responsibly. Therefore, we focus on the highest quality and persistence for our women's backpacks. We use durable materials and a clean, thorough processing to ensure the longevity of our products.

Our commitment to the environment and sustainable manufacturing processes is complemented by fair working conditions at our suppliers. Learn more about our sustainability initiatives and responsible actions on the camel active sustainability site.

Key information about day backpacks for women

Are you looking for the ideal day backpack for women? Here you will find all the essential information about materials, design, and size of our backpacks. Additionally, you will find a first-class selection of different styles, so you can make a well-informed, safe, and comfortable decision when buying online.

Materials: Everything you need to know about nylon, leather, faux leather, and cotton canvas

camel active's women's backpacks are also characterized by their carefully selected materials, with nylon in various finishes – matte, smooth, and quilted – playing a special role. Nylon is a durable synthetic polymer commonly used in textiles and is known for its strength, elasticity, and excellent abrasion resistance. Here are the advantages of these materials summarized:

  • Matte nylon:
    • Aesthetically appealing: The matte finish gives the backpack a modern look.
    • Less prone to scratches: Unlike glossy surfaces, matte materials better hide minor signs of wear.
    • Lower visibility of dirt: Dust and stains are less noticeable on matte surfaces.
  • Smooth nylon
    • Easy cleaning: Smooth nylon is easy to wipe and clean, simplifying maintenance.
    • Water repellent: The smooth surface provides effective protection against moisture and rain.
    • Robust and durable: This material resists everyday wear and tear and lasts longer.
  • Quilted nylon
    • Increased protection: The padding provides additional protection for the contents of the backpack, especially for electronic devices.
    • Comfortable to wear: Padding improves carrying comfort, especially with heavy loads.
    • Design: Quilted nylon gives the backpack a unique surface texture, which is currently very trendy.
  • Faux leather
    • Robust and Easy to Care: Our camel active women's backpacks made of faux leather offer a durable and easy-to-care option. The synthetic nature allows high resistance to external influences.
  • Leather
    • Natural Durability: camel active women's backpacks made of genuine leather are characterized by their natural robustness. The high-quality material ages with character, gains patina, and remains resistant to wear.
  • Cotton canvas
    • Light and Durable: With camel active women's backpacks made of cotton canvas, you get a light but still resistant option. The dense fabric provides durability for everyday use, while the material remains pleasantly light.
  • Cotton-hemp blend
    • Sustainable Durability: Our camel active women's backpacks made of a cotton-hemp blend combine sustainability with functionality. The robust canvas, supplemented by hemp fibers, represents a durable choice, while the environmentally friendly materials underline a conscious decision.

This variety of materials enables camel active to offer a wide range of backpacks that are not only practical and durable but also leave nothing to be desired in terms of design and comfort.

Fit and size of women's backpacks

camel active women's backpacks are characterized by their thoughtful design in size and fit, with comfort and functionality at the forefront. With dimensions that vary – from compact daypack designs measuring 29 cm in length, 14 cm in width, and 35 cm in height to more spacious models measuring 40 cm in length, 18 cm in width, and 50 cm in height – camel active offers a wide range of sizes to meet various needs. Most backpacks feature adjustable, padded shoulder straps that allow individual adjustment and enhance wearing comfort. Additionally, padded backs and specific compartment layouts ensure ergonomic and practical use. We ensure that every backpack offers enough space for daily needs without being bulky or restrictive. All our backpacks can be closed with a zipper and sometimes additional snap or clip closures.

How to find the perfect leisure backpack for you

The selection of camel active women's backpacks is large and very diverse. With sizes ranging from more compact variants for everyday use to larger models for longer excursions or travels, camel active offers options for various needs. The backpacks are equipped with practical details like padded laptop compartments, smartphone compartments, and various zipper pockets, making them ideal for work, study, or leisure. The adjustable shoulder straps and padded backs ensure comfort during longer wearing times, while reflective stripes and water-repellent materials provide additional safety and protection. camel active thus offers a well-thought-out collection that combines functionality, comfort, and style.

How to combine your backpack correctly

Your camel active bag for women can be easily combined and simply ensures a different look every time. Let yourself be inspired by our 3 styles.

Casual outfit ideas around your everyday backpack

A backpack from camel active for women is an ideal accessory for everyday use. It's spacious enough to store your essentials and at the same time light and comfortable to wear. For a casual look, combine it with jeans and a casual knit sweater.

Sporty outfit ideas around your daypack

For outdoor adventures, a functional backpack is essential. It offers enough space for food, a water bottle, and other necessary utensils. A water-repellent bag made of nylon is particularly suitable for this. It keeps your equipment dry and is easy to clean. Combine it with functional clothing and sturdy boots for a look that is both practical and stylish. You are perfectly equipped for any kind of outdoor activity, from hiking to camping trips. Find out exactly how to pack your backpack and what you should not miss on your next outdoor adventure in our blog post How to Pack My Hiking Backpack".

Casual outfit ideas around your city backpack for women

For your next city stroll, a small women's backpack is the ideal choice. It's practical for carrying your shopping and at the same time stylish and comfortable. A backpack with an inner pocket and outer pockets, which we offer in many different sizes and colors, helps you to store everything and still have it at hand. For a city look, combine it with a coat, fabric pants, and comfortable sneakers. An alternative is wearing it with a casual midi dress and sneakers for a relaxed but fashion-conscious style. Important for a city stroll is also functionality – a backpack should offer enough space to store all necessary items like a wallet, mobile phone, and even an extra pair of shoes in the main compartment. This way, you have your hands free and can enjoy your city stroll to the fullest.

Even a small women's backpack is a real all-rounder. It fits many different outfits and is additionally practical.

Frequently asked questions about women's backpacks

Do you value quality and longevity and want to choose a brand that shares the same values? Then you are exactly right with camel active. Here you will find answers to the most common questions about the perfect backpack for your outdoor activities.

How do I properly clean a backpack?

Proper care of your camel active women's backpack is essential to support its longevity. Our backpacks are made from durable materials that allow for uncomplicated cleaning. Use mild soap solutions for cleaning and avoid aggressive chemicals. For stubborn stains, a soft brush can help. It is important to thoroughly dry the backpack after cleaning to prevent mold formation. If you are unsure how to best clean your backpack or have specific questions about care, do not hesitate to contact camel active customer service. They are happy to provide additional support and advice.

When to wear a backpack?

camel active women's backpacks are versatile accessories for any occasion. They are ideal for hiking, cycling, or everyday use, as they provide ample storage space for all essential items and evenly distribute weight. A water-resistant backpack is especially useful for outdoor activities to keep your items dry. In the city, these backpacks are also practical and offer sufficient space for shopping, a water bottle, or even a laptop.

Which women's backpacks are currently in trend?

Currently, camel active women's backpacks are particularly trendy in black, grey, and beige. A black backpack is versatile and can be combined with various outfits, while grey bags stand for a modern, urban look. Beige backpacks, on the other hand, reflect a natural, earth-bound aesthetic and are perfect for a nature-connected lifestyle.